Kaci + Chase

This post makes me so happy. I had the privilege of photographing this stunning family at the beach on a beautiful sunny evening. Kaci has become a dear friend of mine this year. It's such a blessing to have friends with kids the same age as yours. We are secretly plotting for our kids to date when they grow up. Seriously though, Ruess is the most adorable little girl, who is always styling, and has recently become a big sister to her little brother Reid. I have never met a little guy who is more content, and that smile,  it makes my heart melt. I am always struck by Kaci's ability to parent with such grace, poise, and love. It was so wonderful to finally meet her husband, Chase, and watch him interact so lovingly with his family. I am blessed to know these incredible people, and it doesn't hurt that they are super gorgeous, inside and out.