I had the joy of photographing these precious brothers recently, and gosh, they are so much fun. These boys and their momma are dear to me and have been a big part of our lives since my baby was born. I am constantly reminded that having solid mom friends is such a necessity and such a blessing when you are raising little ones. Christina is an absolute rockstar mom and handles motherhood with such grace. These two growing, kind, passionate, playful boys also happen to be my little guy's "best-est" friends, and I sure hope their friendship continues as they get older! If someone paid me a dollar every time Henry or Tommy was mentioned in my household (or "HenryTommy" as Beau says) I would definitely be lying on a beach somewhere by now. Take that back, I would probably use that money to hire a personal chef, a housekeeper, and a grocery shopper, but that's beside the point. Either way, we cherish the times with these smiling faces and love having photos to remember these days!