Celebrate Summer

Happy first official day of summer! If you know or meet my husband, something you will learn about him very quickly is his love for coffee and doughnuts. You will also know, from the previous post, that the Doughnut Vault in the city is our absolute favorite, and in a way, has ruined all other doughnut-eating experiences for us. Since moving to the suburbs, we had to scout out a few new places, and it sure didn't take long. Lee Doughnuts is pretty outstanding, the red velvet in particular. (A post about our favorite spots in the suburbs, coming soon.)  We usually can't have doughnuts without coffee, so when it comes to buying a bag of grounds to have in the house, it's an easy choice- Chicago-based coffee house, Intelligentsia. You can buy a bag of grounds at most grocery stores in the area, or order seasonal specials online. Who wouldn't want to try a cup of coffee with notes of pink grapefruit, starfruit, and toffee? Their blends are deliciously unique. A cup of joe and a red velvet doughnut makes for a pretty sweet morning. 

Coffee helps take the edge off the early mornings, if I actually remember to drink it after I pour it. I am a stay-at-home mom this year for the first time, which has proven to be way more exhausting than I thought. Let me tell you, moms are just superheroes, whether you stay at home all day or not. It is however, the best and most important job in the world in my opinion. After 10 hours of picking up after my sweet little dude, I am ready for my own little pick me up! Is it 5 o'clock yet? One of my favorite traditions that my sister started a while ago was to declare every summer the "Summer of (fill in your favorite cocktail)."  Whether it be for casual drinks with friends, date night, or the perfect wedding cocktail hour drink, it's nice to not waste time deciding, and it makes for fun memories. One year we declared it the "Summer of White Wine Spritzers," another was the "Summer of Gin + Tonics," and the tradition continues.  My husband loved this idea so he decided to jump on the bandwagon, which makes it easy for me when I grocery shop. We decided that it is the "Summer of Moscow Mules," which is super unoriginal, I know, but I have to say I love making them from scratch and adding tiny variations to them. It's so easy and something I can actually make quickly for friends and family and not mess up! Plus it's a great summer drink sans alcohol, give it a try!

Classic Moscow Mule Recipe:

  • 1.5-2 ounces Vodka // Tito's Vodka is a good choice
  • 2- 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice 
  • wedge of lime
  • crushed ice or a handful of ice cubes
  • fill up the rest of the glass with ginger beer // Trader Joe's Brewed Ginger Beer is delicious
  • if you're feeling adventurous, add a sprig of mint, a frozen blackberry, and a little lime zest OR a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • pour into a chilled glass or the classic copper mug, sip, and enjoy
  • side note: it's a refreshing and tasty drink even without the Vodka