clark family

Where do I even begin?! This family session in the city makes my heart really happy. I have known David and his family since I was little girl, and his wife Lauren, was my college roomie and best friend. And guess who set the two of them up?! That's right. {insert me, raising my hand}. But obviously I want to believe that these two would have found each other somehow because they are so perfect for each other. And now they have a little baby girl, Gia. It's so crazy to think Lauren and I were dreaming of what our lives would be like once we got married and had kids, and now we're living that dream. These cuties are such an adorable trio and I had a pretty fabulous time taking some photos of them in their beautiful downtown city condo. I can't wait to watch baby Gia grow and their family too, because time flies. For now lets just freeze time and enjoy these memories captured on film.