Oh my heart. These sweet people are so dear to me, especially their mama, who has been a friend of mine since my teaching days. We taught together for 2 years and became fast friends. You know those people who come in to your life and you immediately know they are someone special? Well I knew Kallie was one of those friends and I am so thankful for our years of friendship. When we met, her oldest was clinging to her pant leg in diapers while she set up her classroom. Now she and her husband welcomed their third baby! What a precious family they are and I am so honored to do life together. I firmly believe every parent is equipped with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and no parent is perfect, obviously. But when it comes to being a mom, Kallie models love, patience, compassion, strength, honesty, wisdom, and joy like no one I’ve ever met. I am constantly in awe of her, hoping that each time we hang out, she will rub off on me a little bit more. Thank you for all that you teach me about being a better human, friend. You are both incredible parents, raising incredible little people, who I have zero doubt, will make this world a better place. I am so blessed to know you!