simple sunday morning

One of my favorite things about being a family/portrait/lifestyle photographer, is that I get to photograph a variety of subjects with a variety of desires in a variety of settings. Many families desire a photo of everyone smiling at the camera, and that is always nice to have, but it is music to my ears when a client is interested in the in-between, authentic moments. Because let's face it, a very small percentage of our daily lives are that perfect, especially when we're talking about parenthood. So remembering the real, the raw, the chaos, the beauty, and the joy, is so crucial in my opinion. We need to document these moments and cherish them. Because as moms and dads know, it's the toughest job.  The days are oh so long sometimes, but the years sure are brief. 

Meet the Dreyer family. What a pleasure to capture a snippet of an ordinary Sunday morning, chasing these little people around (or really just one little guy- he's quick y'all ;). I love the energy and warmth that radiates from their home. These precious kids have two of the best parents around and they are darn lucky. So if you're a fellow stay-at-home mama out there, sip your coffee, be a fly on the wall and enjoy scrolling through these authentic family moments. But if you don't get to do either of those things (because let's be honest, when's the last time you finished your coffee?), just know that you are loved, honored, valued, and certainly not alone. Embrace the mess. Find the joy. Kiss those babies.   #theartofmotherhood.