Fall Weekend

I honestly can't remember a recent weekend that has been more fun and more unexpected than this one, at my parents' cottage up north a couple weekends ago. We didn't have any solid plans made, which means no expectations. I am not one to be spontaneous. In fact, I crave structure and routine, but that's where my husband balances me out. I think the fun and excitement just follows him sometimes because we had the sweetest time just going with the flow!

We spent Friday in one of my favorite towns, sipping on coffee while doing some shopping. I think this was the first time I had finished a cup of coffee and shopped leisurely in quite a while, it was a treat. We hit up all of my favorite stores and of course, a few toy stores so that Beau could pick out one new toy (he finished his sticker chart). The look on his face is always priceless. 

As we were heading to our car we realized that there were a lot of families hanging around and laying out blankets along the sidewalks. We quickly heard that there was a 50-truck fire parade taking place within minutes. Um, that's a win. I can't quite figure out what the occasion was, but these Michiganders sure love some good family fun. Beau is dressing up as a fireman for Halloween and has a mild obsession, if that is any indication of how excited we were...or mostly me (free entertainment, snuggles, and a happy boy)! 

Saturday, we spent a beautiful day at my parents' cottage, walking, exploring, just being together. I have realized the best gift I can give my child is spending intentional time with him and be completely present while doing so. That means my phone takes a back seat. Disconnecting is a problem I have, but I'm working on it! Our favorite few hours was stumbling upon a hidden gem…a pumpkin patch farm. More on this on a blog post coming soon.

Sunday we spent some time hiking the dunes at the lake, one of my favorite things to do since I was little. The fall air was crisp and refreshing but the sun was so inviting, even though it was tucked behind the clouds. The colors were stunningly unique. I sure do love the vibrant summer colors, but these silvers, blues, greens, and sandy beiges were just breathtaking. I have a new passion for fall at the beach. If you follow me on instagram, you probably caught a glimpse of the madness...we were running up and down the tall dunes with Beau on our back. It was a serious workout and exhausting exercise for us, but a hoot for the little man. 

I am so glad we have these photos to remember the simple joys and the unexpected blessings. Beau still looks so little but I feel like he is changing every day, which is why I am determined to document so that I will never forget!

P.S. On a side note, if you are thinking of locations for a fall or even winter session, a neutral backdrop at the beach allows the subjects to pop and creates a gorgeous canvas. It's one of my favorites, no matter what season!