Jagutis Family

Recognize these faces?! I LOVE getting to photograph the same family over the seasons. It is so nice when my clients feel comfortable with me and are naturals in front of the camera, I feel as though I am just tagging along on a family outing.  I enjoy watching the little ones grow and change from season to season, it happens so fast! This was such a special occasion because I got to photograph Kaci's extended family as well, who are just the most lovely people! I had such a blast capturing moments of the grandparents with the grandkids together, Kaci's expecting sister, with her husband and daughter, and the entire group together. It was such a colorful setting and a merry event. I am so grateful for these clients who allow me to enter their world and freeze memories for them. Kaci and Chase and their children are just stunning people, in more ways than one, their love and generosity radiate to all who know them.