Nikki + Mark

Nikki and Mark welcomed baby Olivia Lucille into this world recently and wow, is she a doll. They are all handling things so beautifully, especially big brother, William. I get so nervous even thinking about expanding my own family, but when I spend time with families like this one, I am reminded that there is so much excitement, newness, and beauty in the process. I think it's so incredible to see families adjust to a whole new life and a new family dynamic. I love the way Nikki manages the newborn phase with such grace and elegance. She opened the door to welcome me into her beautiful home, with a sweet smile on her face, even though I was early, William was still eating dinner, and the baby was unexpectedly awake and active. I am so grateful to Nikki and Mark for allowing me to visit their home and spend time with their family, and what a precious one it is. Nikki and Mark, I hope these photos will provide you with a glimpse of the joy you all shared amidst the adventure of welcoming a new baby into your clan. If only we could keep them so little for just a bit longer.