Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite memories from our recent weekend up north was stumbling upon the greatest pumpkin patch I've been to, maybe ever. I tend to get overwhelmed with crowds and become slightly germaphobic in public places (I have some quirks), so this kind of thing isn't always high on my list. But this farm you guys…oh my beautiful! It was super thought out for families and little ones, with tons of fun fall activities. I appreciated that nothing was scary, so that Beau could enjoy it too. It wasn't packed with people, so that made my day! They had fresh cinnamon donuts, apple cider, and coffee. Their greenhouse was spotless and filled with gorgeous fall flowers, it was a visual feast. The owners took us on a giant tractor out to pick pumpkins off the vine, it was the real deal y'all! I'm not sure which one of us had more fun, but I can certainly say none of us wanted to leave too soon. I can't wait to make this weekend a tradition and go back next year!