Pure Michigan

A few weeks ago my husband was traveling out west for work so I decided to take a nice long vacation with Beau to Michigan, at my parents' summer home. My family has been going to this town since I was 4 years old. It is like home to me, and yet the visits are few and far between now a days that it has the ability to make me feel like I am really "away" on vacation. Summers in Michigan are honestly the best. The beaches are pure, white sand, something we don't get in Chicago. The sand dunes are absolutely stunning, and the sunsets are unlike anything I've seen. This small, country town, set on a beautiful lake that feeds right into Lake Michigan. You have the woods, the farms, the lake, and the BIG lake, which feels more like the ocean, all in one town.

There are always so many things I try to fit in while I am there. My parents' home is right off of the golf club, so we get plenty of sunset golf in while we are there. Also, it's a huge sailing town, like talented sailers who compete in races all over the world, which makes for a colorful scene on the water. Some of my favorite summer activities include: boating, berry picking, beach bumming, sand dune climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, regatta watching, happy hour drinking, s'more eating, and sunset swooning. Some of Beau's favorite activities include "driving" the boat, golfing, driving in his "new" blue car that his grandpa restored for him from his childhood, swimming (although not such a fan of swim school), eating lots of fresh berries, playing in the beautiful sand at the beach, and staying up as late as possible. Oh yea, and skipping any sort of rest break. There's just so much to do and see, I can't blame him. We both get a serious case of FOMO when we are there. 

Here are a few photos from our recent trip, which included my husband joining us over the 4th of July weekend and celebrating my parents' upcoming 40th wedding anniversary. We also got in a quick trip to a favorite spot just north of our town, called Pentwater. Cheers to all the little moments that summers are made of.