Sabrina Mamahood

“It’s the little memories that last a lifetime.” I can’t stress enough the importance of having photos taken while your little ones are still young. Don’t wait for the perfect weather or perfect house or ideal life circumstances. Do it now, in your pajamas if you’d like, cozied up at home- reading, playing, cooking. Whatever your normal looks like. However imperfect. I’d love to be part of documenting your days so that you can look back on them with a grateful heart.

I pray over each family that I photograph, that the Lord will protect and strengthen them, deepen their love for one another, and provide a light to those tiny feet as they grow and change and eventually go out into the world. May each one make this world a better, kinder place.

And there isn’t a kinder, more beautiful bunch than these three. What an honor to capture some authentic moments at home on a cold, snowy morning. Our memories don’t always serve us well, but I sure hope these photos will spark joy in the years to come.