Spring Blossom Session

What an honor to photograph this beautiful family, who in a few short weeks, will gain another family member. What an exciting time it is, and to have photographs to look back on, is such a treasure.

Here is what my client had to say about Motherhood…

“Motherhood has been a wild, exhausting, and ultimately beautiful ride. Watching my son grow over the last two years has been such a rewarding gift, especially seeing his sense of self, personality, and humor develop. My philosophy as a mother has been to take it one day at a time... there are difficult phases throughout the newborn and toddler stages, but usually they are just that - a phase. The joy and laughter has always outweigh the hardships and tantrums, and we go to bed each night thanking our lucky stars for what each day with our little man has brought. We can't wait to expand our crew and welcome baby number two in a few short weeks! My ultimate wish for my children is that they are able to live their lives as their true authentic selves and have journeys filled with happiness and love. For me, that will always be what is most important.”