sunny january afternoon

53 degrees in January with bright sunshine, yes please! For those of you that are not from Chicago, this is NOT normal. I may not have been prepared to take some photos, as I was in yoga pants and no makeup, but some other photographers have inspired me lately to not worry about the whole look being perfect when it comes to your own family. Just document the days, as they are. So I threw on a coat and grabbed the first hat that I could find (which was totally smooshed) and asked my husband to go for a little adventure. Every time my professional camera comes with me, there is usually added pressure for some reason. So I promised, “no stress.” When we got there, the ground was just about as muddy as it could possibly be. And of course all my kids wanted to do was splash in the mud. So after the first few “no!”s it was clear that it was a loosing battle. And I thought to myself, this was not supposed to be stressful. Just treasured time spent together. Walking. Exploring. With a few extra loads of laundry on the side, so be it. So we let it go, and embraced the mess. I am so glad I have these photos, they just make me happy. Several of these might even make it up on the walls of our home, but if they don’t, that’s ok too. So don’t worry if your hair is 5 days dirty, and you have spit up on your sweater. Do whatever makes you feel good, and document the ordinary every once in a while.