Super Minis

Recently I tried something new, "super minis" for some clients and friends of mine who were looking for just a few fall shots of their kids, but not an entire mini-session. The day that it was scheduled was pouring rain, and possibly the one day in October that it was below 45. It was a miserable morning and I almost tried to push forward and make it work, thinking there might not be another pretty fall day. Gosh was I wrong! This has been the best Chicago fall I can honestly remember. I decided to reschedule at the last minute and I am so glad I did! We met at one of my favorite parks on a gorgeous morning, and snapped a few there, in between playing of course. I just love watching the personalities of these precious little ones shine through on film and the colors and light that film is able to capture. It is another reminder why #ishootfilm. I am so fortunate for these wonderful families, who entrust me with capturing some sweet life moments!