Meet Teddy. The most handsome little dude on the block. With an adoring set of parents and two older siblings, he’s got it made. When my childhood friend asked if I would document her last pregnancy I was so excited. Such a bitter sweet time I am sure, the closing of a chapter. But what a tremendous souvenir- photos to document this sweet time of life and the beginning of a grand adventure, with all their children. Viergutz family, I hope you look at these photos and feel truly blessed for your three sweet gifts. The days are long, but the years are short. #documentyourdays

buordo twins

A few months ago, I had the joy of photographing this beauty's final weeks of pregnancy with her twin babies. Is she not just glowing? I'm pretty sure I never looked that radiant when I was pregnant with either of my babies. I think it's so beautiful hearing other mom's thoughts about pregnancy and motherhood in general, so read on to see what Julie said about this incredible journey. 

"I've been through three pregnancies, each having their "awe" moments.  Whether in awe over being pregnant for the first time, or in awe discovering we were having a girl the second time after having our son, nothing could prepare us for the awe we felt when we discovered we were having twins.  Why us?  We have no history of twins in our family and mothering has never quite fit into my natural aptitudes.  Never in our WILDEST dreams could we imagine this outcome.  But God thrust us into this new season of our life which included challenges and beautiful outcomes.  Being a mother has taught me to loosen my grip and let some things go. I've discovered more patience (and discovered what really pushes my buttons), that no matter how hard I push the vegetables, they're always going to prefer mac and cheese, that repetitive questions are an indication they want to be heard and valued, that kisses solve a lot of problems, and sometimes the background noise created with their insanely loud voices is actually a pirate adventure sailing the seas and looking for buried treasure.  At 32 weeks pregnant the shock has long worn off that we're carrying twins, but the awe still remains that God has entrusted us with four children to raise.  I pray that one day they can experience that same wonder!"


Meet Claire and her beautiful mom, Lauren.  Lauren is one of my best friends from college, and when I heard we were expecting baby girls just a couple months apart, I was ecstatic. Not to mention we live about 1 mile away from each other for the first time in many years! Lauren handled pregnancy so beautifully and watching her take on motherhood has been no different. When first meeting Claire, I couldn't get over how precious her little features were and how much she looks like her mom! I can't wait to watch her change and grow, but for now, let's just freeze time. Thankfully, that's what these photos will do- freeze a moment in time that Lauren can look back on when Claire is running around the back yard. Time flies, am I right mamas? Treasure each day and each step of this crazy-beautiful journey, Laur!