cafe family

Oh my goodness. This family. The heart, the genuine love, and the joy that these four share is contagious. When I got these film scans back from my lab, I felt like I was flipping through the slides of a home video. I am so thankful to know this family. This brisk fall morning was a treasure, as the tree-filled park was cloaked in golden light, which made for a perfect setting to document memories. I sure hope these are favorites that are looked back on with a full heart. 

gegas family

I had the enormous honor of photographing these beautiful people AGAIN! Last summer, I had so much fun doing a motherhood session of Janet and her daughter Gia. Janet is truly the kindest, most genuine, and radiant moms and humans I know, and her daughter is just the sweetest. It was wonderful to include Janet's husband this time! What a treat to watch him interact with little Gia and bring out her silly side. I love seeing the three of them interact so naturally together.  The love, laughter, and joy just comes easily to them, which makes my job so easy. They are a dream team and so much fun to be around! I hope these photos serve as a reminder of how special family is and to cherish every day. 

linda and jeff

I had the recent privilege of photographing this sweet family on a chilly October day at the beach. It was super crummy and rainy in the early morning but I am so glad Linda and Jeff were up for giving it a go! The clouds parted and it ended up being a great day. I have to say, watching these siblings interact with each other was my favorite part! I grew up in a family of all girls, so I can only imagine the brotherly bond these two will share forever. I mean just look at the two of them! I am so grateful for this opportunity to document life for this beautiful family. Linda and Jeff, I hope you will look back on these pictures and smile!

rachel and chris

What an honor it was to photograph a grad school colleague of mine who I haven't seen in many years! Rachel and I met at DePaul University in Chicago, where we both received our Masters in Education. After teaching for several years, we have both put our teacher's caps aside temporarily and have taken on the primary role of stay-at-home mom. Reconnecting with Rachel was such a joy and getting to watch her beautiful family play on the beach in late September was a bonus! Rachel and Chris are amazing parents to their gorgeous little guy, Oren. I am so glad they took the time to document moments like these, because we know all too well how quickly time flies. Having photos of memories like these to look back on is something I am hopeful they will cherish for a lifetime. 


Meet sweet baby Margaux Jacqueline. If you have been wondering why it's been a little quiet around here, this is why. We welcomed our 7 pound keeper into our lives a few weeks ago. Here are just a few photos from her first couple days at home. Her big brother Beau is completely smitten. And as hard as the newborn stage is, we are soaking in every second because I know all too well how quickly it comes and goes. 

Janet + Gia

Meet my good friend Janet, mommy-extraordinaire, and her little ballerina Gia. Janet and I met in a mommy-and-me class and have been connected ever since. I love the way motherhood does that- it brings women together in such cool ways and forms bonds much quicker than ever imagined. Her daughter Gia is quite possibly the sweetest little girl I've ever seen, am I right? Not to mention she has the most endearing personality. Janet and Gia drove down across state lines to do a motherhood session with me, and I am forever grateful. Just look at how precious their bond is? I am so thankful I was able to make and capture some memories with the two of them, and I hope that they will serve as a reminder of their love for each other, years from now. Thank you for allowing me to document life for you, Janet! What a joy it is to stand behind the lens and watch these moments unfold. 

Nikki + Mark

Recognize these faces? One of the things I love about this job is having the opportunity to capture families over time. I photographed these beautiful people one year ago, and now had the joy of doing it again. Things have changed just a little! Sweet, newborn Olivia, is not so little anymore- after just having celebrated a first birthday! And her big brother Will has settled into his roll as big brother so perfectly, it is just precious to watch the bond that they have. Nikki and Mark, you make parenting look easy and graceful, and I am so appreciative to have the chance to peer through my lens and capture simple, life moments of you and your family of four. I hope that these photos will bring a smile to your face for a lifetime to come!


Meet Luca. The newest member of this stunning family. I can't even believe how perfectly Luca seems to fit into Johanna and Drew's family already. And can we talk about how sweet big sister Olivia is? You can just tell how much pride she takes in being his little guardian. Johanna's sister is my best childhood friend and still someone I consider to be like a sister, so when I had the chance to photograph her family I was thrilled! Johanna handles motherhood so flawlessly, it's like she was hand-picked for the job. I couldn't be happier for the four of them, as they settle into a new rhythm with baby Luca. I can't wait to watch these little people change and grow, but for now, let's just keep them little! 


Meet Claire and her beautiful mom, Lauren.  Lauren is one of my best friends from college, and when I heard we were expecting baby girls just a couple months apart, I was ecstatic. Not to mention we live about 1 mile away from each other for the first time in many years! Lauren handled pregnancy so beautifully and watching her take on motherhood has been no different. When first meeting Claire, I couldn't get over how precious her little features were and how much she looks like her mom! I can't wait to watch her change and grow, but for now, let's just freeze time. Thankfully, that's what these photos will do- freeze a moment in time that Lauren can look back on when Claire is running around the back yard. Time flies, am I right mamas? Treasure each day and each step of this crazy-beautiful journey, Laur!  

Rachel's Motherhood Session

Recently I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful mama and her two precious boys, who are too cute for words, at an apple orchard. I loved everything about this session and how authentic and organic each interaction was. I love how these images just tell a beautiful, simple story of the incredible mom that Rachel is to her children. Here is what Rachel had to say about motherhood.

"Motherhood is an identity change.  It's rediscovering wonder and learning to let go of control.  It is selflessness and uncontrollable joy and a love so grand it is impossible to comprehend.  Motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding role one can take on."

 I have so enjoyed getting to know Rachel the past couple years, as she is the leader of a mom's group in my area. I can honestly tell you her weekly emails are something I look forward to. She is an incredible writer and her genuine take on motherhood and its ups and downs is truly refreshing and an inspiration to us all. Thanks for all the laughs this year Rachel and for allowing me to document memories of you and your sweet littles. 

Kendall + Caroline

I had the privilege of photographing these beautiful souls at the beach recently, on a perfect spring morning. I have known Kendall for many years, dating back to high school- I SO looked up to her and her rockstar tennis abilities. Seriously though, she has some serious talent. And now we both have little ones the same age, and it's crazy fun to be reacquainted. These mother- daughter moments make my heart completely melt. It gives me a glimpse of what I have to look forward to as I anticipate the arrival of my daughter in a couple months. But honestly, how precious is little Caroline? Can't get enough of her and I love how at this age they still want to be snuggled close to mom.  I hope that Kendall will look back on these photos in years to come as proof that our little people really were that little and that they will bring her many smiles. 

Galloway Girls

Mother/daughter sessions are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I spent a part of the morning at the beach with these beauties recently for some Mother's Day photos, and oh my goodness it was perfection! It was the kind of day that natural light photographers (or at least I do) dream of- clear, blue skies, 70 degree temps, and not a lot of wind. Kate and her two girls looked absolutely sweet in their spring colors and I so enjoyed capturing and documenting special moments between the three of them. These photos make me smile so big. If I were Kate, I would plaster these all over the walls of my home just to remind me how lucky I am! 

With Mother's Day around the corner, gifting a photo session is one of the best gifts I can think of- for your wife, mom, grandma, mother-in-law, or your daughter. Those of us with kids know how quickly each stage goes, and how quickly our littles grow, so having photos to look back on are absolutely worthwhile and necessary! Contact me for information and booking!

Mommy Mocktails

Now that the weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer, it is reminding me of some simple summer pastimes that I look forward to. One of which, is listening to music and sipping cocktails on the back patio with my husband after our son goes to bed. As many of you know, we are expecting our second child this July/August, so sipping cocktails is unfortunately out of the question for me for most of the summer. But that doesn't mean I have to forgo all the fun.  

I have come up with some fun, easy (emphasis on easy), and pretty-to-drink refreshments that can be made in about 2 minutes! This is great for hosting a get-together, a baby shower, or for the busy stay at home mom that needs an afternoon pick-me-up, alone, while the kids are napping. Enjoy! 

"The Pink Drink"

  • fill glass 3/4 full with Sparkling Pink Lemonade (Trader Joe's)
  • handful of ice cubes or crushed ice
  • splash of fresh lemon
  • lemon slice (looks prettier than a wedge)
  • 1/2 mint sprig (depending on size) or a handful of fresh mint leaves

"The Mama-Mosa" 

  • 1/2 glass filled with sparkling cranberry juice (Trader Joe's)
  • 1/4 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice (organic OJ from Trader Joe's is delicious)
  • 1 sprig of fresh rosemary
  • 1 small wedge of fresh orange for the rim

"The Mommy Mule"

  • fill one glass or copper mug with freshly brewed ginger beer (Trader Joe's)
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
  • juice squeezed from 1/2 lime 
  • crushed or cubed ice
  • wedge of grapefruit for rim

"Berry Hydrated"

  • fill glass with plain sparkling water
  • ice cubes
  • 1/3 cup of frozen berries 
  • get creative and add cucumbers, melon, anything you can imagine!

Jagutis Family

Recognize these faces?! I LOVE getting to photograph the same family over the seasons. It is so nice when my clients feel comfortable with me and are naturals in front of the camera, I feel as though I am just tagging along on a family outing.  I enjoy watching the little ones grow and change from season to season, it happens so fast! This was such a special occasion because I got to photograph Kaci's extended family as well, who are just the most lovely people! I had such a blast capturing moments of the grandparents with the grandkids together, Kaci's expecting sister, with her husband and daughter, and the entire group together. It was such a colorful setting and a merry event. I am so grateful for these clients who allow me to enter their world and freeze memories for them. Kaci and Chase and their children are just stunning people, in more ways than one, their love and generosity radiate to all who know them. 

B L A C K | F R I D A Y | S A L E

Hey friends! I don't know about you but I am still stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie (mostly pie) from yesterday. But now, I am ready to get my shop on! Well, just from the comfort of my couch, I am much too timid to ever get out there at 5 a.m. and fight the crowds! 

A handful of people asked me recently if I ever have any discounts or deals on my sessions, and I really don't. Unfortunately, due to the nature and high cost of being a film photographer, my prices are about as low as they will ever get. But I don't know if it's just the time of year or what, but I thought I would use Black Friday as one-time opportunity to make my photography packages more affordable to everyone. Get in on these deals for any lifestyle session you'd like: family | maternity | newborn | couples | children. Even if you aren't currently in need of photos, I do offer gift certificates, and what an AMAZING gift to give a friend or family member this holiday season! It's a gift your friends or family will treasure for a life time! 

So if you are reading this, it is now 8:00 a.m. and the sale is LIVE! Yay! Email me at if you have any questions or if you are hoping to snag a great deal on a photography session! Sale ends this evening! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!



Super Minis

Recently I tried something new, "super minis" for some clients and friends of mine who were looking for just a few fall shots of their kids, but not an entire mini-session. The day that it was scheduled was pouring rain, and possibly the one day in October that it was below 45. It was a miserable morning and I almost tried to push forward and make it work, thinking there might not be another pretty fall day. Gosh was I wrong! This has been the best Chicago fall I can honestly remember. I decided to reschedule at the last minute and I am so glad I did! We met at one of my favorite parks on a gorgeous morning, and snapped a few there, in between playing of course. I just love watching the personalities of these precious little ones shine through on film and the colors and light that film is able to capture. It is another reminder why #ishootfilm. I am so fortunate for these wonderful families, who entrust me with capturing some sweet life moments! 

Moore Family

'Tis the season of beautiful fall colors, chunky sweaters, and holiday card inspiration! I recently photographed the Moore family in one of the most beautiful parks in the area. The trees are so picturesque and the colors were vibrant that morning. The Moore family has recently moved to Chicago from Dallas and were hoping to get a few family photos for Christmas cards and to document the beauty in the changing seasons. This is their first fall season here, and I hope they realize it doesn't get much better than this! Maria was anxious to get some photos of her children, especially her daughter, as she realized they hadn't had professional photos taken in a while. I so appreciate when families know the value of investing in professional photos and capturing memories. These are the moments that we can't get back, and I am hoping these will be photos that they will look back on years from now, with great delight!  

Christina + Bob

I am a lucky girl…I got to photograph these sweet faces again! I am crazy about these little boys and the friendship they have with my little guy. I have known Christina and Bob for a very long time, and it's so neat to develop a friendship in this new stage of life. I love the secret little spot that Christina picked for these photos. She has some pretty fabulous taste! I am such a sucker for tall grasses, it creates a unique feel and the movement in the photos evokes such emotion. These grasses had a beautiful, warm tone different than anything I've seen. It was a perfect backdrop for these lovely subjects. I love how natural the four of them are in front of the camera and how they interact with one another. It makes my job so easy. And look how stunning they look?! If you ever need help coordinating outfits for family photos, she is one to go to! Happy photo swooning! Keep scrolling. :)

Seymour Family

This is one of my favorite family sessions lately, just look at them. How beautiful are they?! I had so much fun capturing these moments, in the peak of the fall colors, with the Seymour family. They are such a loving family and the boys have the best manners, and are just pure sweetness. Amy is a great mommy friend of mine and I am so grateful for her and every woman in my "mom tribe." Although I am a die-hard White Sox fan, I think it was such a cute idea to bring Cubs gear to change into at the very end! Who knows, this picture may be an incredible memory and reminder of a great year for their team. In any case, these photos are a beautiful reminder of the love these four have for one another, which is the most important thing. I am so grateful for every opportunity to document memories of families like these, and I hope these will be photos cherished for years to come.